Team member

Owner of Zero to Landfill Organics

Melanie Ludwig is the owner of Zero to Landfill Organics a composting company focused on processing organic waste into valuable compost. With a focus on food waste, fat trap waste, garden waste, industrial waste and animal mortalities Zero to Landfill Organics compost 200 tons per month at their site in Philippi, Cape Town. Melanie is passionate about organic waste recycling and has tried to compost most things.

Owner of YWaste

Ywaste provides an eco-friendly methodology for the management of food waste through effective off-site composting.

Owner of Postwink


For organisations that want to ensure a sustainable future for all, Postwink helps you set up a successful recycling initiative: We have the right bins and the relevant experience to do this properly. Unlike buying your recycling bin from a shop, Postwink offers a comprehensive solution, with your branding, ensuring that less of your recycling ends up in a landfill.