The Organics Recycling Association of South Africa is an industry body representing the organic waste recycling industry. Our mission is to promote and expand the organics recycling market, support our members and champion the recycling of all organics through different mechanisms in South Africa.

Why recycle organic material?

Neglected waste stream
Organic material does not belong in a landfill, it belongs in a continuous cycle of growth and decay with all its nutrients being reused as nature intended.

How to make recycling work?

Source separation
Comprehensive recycling, where all waste streams are recycled, can only be achieved with separation at the source. In this way the quality of the waste streams and their value can be preserved.

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Calling all involved in organics recycling

ORASA plans to unite and expand the organics recycling industry in South Africa. If you have a business linked to any aspect of organics recycling, you could join us in our endeavours by becoming a member.

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How does organics recycling work?

Organics recycling solutions

Recycling organics entails extracting energy and recovering nutrients from previously discarded materials. Find a solution that suits your needs below.

An aerobic process with the correct balance of nitrogen and carbon which forms a stable nutrient compost - open or in-vessel composting.
Anaerobic Digestion
An anaerobic process in a sealed vessel to create biogas for electricity production.
The breakdown of organic material by earthworms into nutrient rich vermicomposting.
Black soldier flies
Processing of organic material with the grubs of the black soldier fly into feed for fish and chickens.
Bokashi composting
Odour control for food waste in an anaerobic environment.
Organic waste transport
Efficient and safe transport of dry and wet organic material.

Organic waste legislation

ORASA is committed to commenting on and influencing legislation that regulates organics recycling. View the latest legislation updates and documents below. Looking for assistance with compliance with environmental regulations? Contact us.

50% Organics ban from landfills coming in 2022

The Department of Environmental Affairs is planning to prohibit all organic material from landfills by 2027. Consequently, alternative methods of processing organic material of all kinds into stable, reusable resources need to be found. Organic waste including food, industrial, wood and paper waste need to be handled responsibly to ensure there is no environmental damage. As an industry body we are ready to address the challenge of a landfill ban through our members' wide range of knowledge and the infrastructure they have invested in. Leading up to the ban, ORASA will be involved in public awareness campaigns and assist waste producers in diverting their waste from landfills.

Click on the Document below for the official statement from the Department of Environmental Affairs regarding diversion of organic waste from landfill

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