Tightrope Integrated Services Group

Tightrope Integrated Services Group

Western Cape

Tightrope Integrated Services Group was founded in 2022 with a vision to revolutionize waste management in the Western Cape. We are proud to have grown into a leading integrated waste management company in the region, offering a wide range of services to various sectors, including residential, commercial, industrial, and public institutions.

At Tightrope Integrated Services Group, we are dedicated to organic waste management solutions that promote sustainability. One of our flagship offerings is the Agama Biodigester, a cutting-edge technology for organic waste processing.

Join us in building a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable Western Cape. Contact Tightrope Integrated Services Group today for integrated waste management solutions, including the Agama Biodigester, and make a positive impact on the environment.

Contact Details:

Tel: 073 525 2938 / 082 280 0965

Email: charlotte@tightrope.co.za / andre@tightrope.co.za

Website: www.tightrope.co.za