Sisonke Compost

Sisonke Compost

Kwazulu Natal

Sisonke Compost was borne out of NPO Bioregional South Africa’s work to advance the education and practice of sustainable living for public benefit.  Bioregional aims to build working models of sustainable local business based on the use of renewable and waste resources.

A small composting project was started in early 2022 at Sisonke Garden, North Beach, Durban, working with a nearby hotel to divert Bokashi treated food waste and garden waste from street trees, from landfill, to make compost on site for the food garden there. The hotel then purchases fresh produce back from the garden weekly, as do other nearby restaurants. This has led to the founding of Sisonke Compost as a reseller of Bokashi Bran to treat food waste and to serve the commercial kitchens market in collecting this stream, as well as collaboration with the garden waste services industry to make localised compost. The vision is a network of localised composting sites around Durban, linked to urban food gardens where practical, to demonstrate both circular and green economy enterprise opportunity. This keeps both food and garden waste in situ to where it is produced to minimise both transport and landfill emissions, and so regenerate local soils for the good of all.

Contact Details:

Sarah Alsen

Contact No: (084) 497 1661