Since opening our doors in 2014, we have been producing high-quality organic compost-based products which are used to increase soil productivity by adding essential growth nutrients and healthy microbiota to the soil.
We take pride in our role as an Organic Waste Recycler. By ensuring that organic waste materials do not end up in landfill sites, we are actively decreasing a major source of carbon emissions. When Organic Waste is allowed to go to landfills, the surrounding plastics cause anaerobic decomposition and methanogenesis to take place which results in large emissions of Methane and Carbon Dioxide. This is why we are proud to say that every ton of organic waste recycled by us is a ton of carbon not emitted into the atmosphere. 
PolyOrganics (Pty) Ltd is a registered Group 2 fertiliser producer (reg no. B5087) as per Act 36 of 1947."


Renate Griessel

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