Nambu Group

Nambu Group

Eastern Cape
Nambu is an early stage Insect Protein Company that turns food and other organic waste streams into high value feed for chickens, pigs, fish and pets. We do this by feeding a variety of waste sources to the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia Illucens) larvae – otherwise known as BSFL. The larvae are reared from hatchlings to harvest in a period of 15-17 days, at which point they are separated from their feed substrate and prepared for either sale as live larvae to local farmers, or further processed into a dried larvae or meal for sale into the feed industry. We are currently in the processes of pursuing a novel, insect based, pet feed for the local and international market. Our process releases up to half of the CO2 emissions as composting or landfill, and has a high value soil amendment (insect frass) as a byproduct.

Our aim to become the largest producer of insect protein on the African continent – supporting a more resilient and sustainable food system that drives regenerative agricultural practices, nutrient recycling, employment creation and equitable wealth generation.


Lowell Scarr

Tel:  072 298 4884