Dolphin Coast Landfill Management – Veolia

Dolphin Coast Landfill Management – Veolia

Kwazulu Natal

Our global operational expertise across industrial hazardous and non-hazardous wastes enables us to
develop an industry-specific waste management plan and implement the most optimal waste management
solution. Furthermore, our solutions are tailored to identify and recover additional resources, increase
recycling and avoid disposal costs. Our experts work from source to final treatment, ensuring safety and
reliability at every step, using innovative digital systems to provide complete waste traceability,
enhanced reporting and an improved environmental footprint.

DCLM prides itself on the development of longterm customer partnerships, offering them the full benefit
of our in-depth expertise, wide-ranging industry experience, and cutting-edge technological resources,
neatly tailored to provide the best possible solution to their specific requirements.

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Contact Number: (087) 353 9750