Akura Manufacturing Engineering Company

Akura Manufacturing Engineering Company


Established in 1970, Akura is a second generation, family-owned engineering company that is a key player in the development of solid waste and recycling engineering solutions in Southern Africa.

Akura has wide-ranging experience in the waste and recycling industries and has built lasting relationships with trusted suppliers and clients alike. We pride ourselves on offering a full range of specialised solid waste beneficiation and recycling solutions across the industry’s spectrum, ranging from Municipal Solid Waste Transfer Stations (WTS) and Material Recovery Facilities (MRF), distribution centres and packaging warehouses, and to individual retailers.

With our in-house team of experienced design engineers, we offer customised end-to-end solutions to meet the individual needs of our clients, across many disciplines. This includes a wide range of machinery, consulting services, engineering design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance solutions.

Solutions offered, but not limited to: Horizontal & Vertical Balers, Compactors, Containers, Conveyors, Material Destruction, Liquid Extraction and Material Extrusion.


Heidi Kotze

Tel: 021 872 2224 Western Cape Head Office

Tel: 011 894 4511 Gauteng

Tel: 031 914 2176 KZN

Email:  heidi@akura.co.za

Website: www.akura.co.za