The ZZ2 farming operations started more than a hundred years ago. ZZ2 farms mainly in the Limpopo Province where our sought-after tomatoes and avocados are cultivated, but we also operate in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Gauteng, North-West Province, Mpumalanga and Namibia. We also grow mangoes, onions, dates, cherries, apples, pears, stone fruit, almonds and blueberries. The ZZ2 brand is a well-known icon in South Africa with a proud history backed by a great customer value offering and superior economic value for all our stakeholders.

It is our quest to be the benchmark of success in agriculture, to create a home for our people, to be an integral part of the communities we live in and to shape the future through economic growth. But above all, we believe we are connected to our customers and the rest of the world through our passion and heritage.


Joleen Malan

Tel: 27 15 395 8519

Email: joleen.m@zz2.co.za


Wiam Haddad

Tel: 27 15 395 8513

Email: wiam@zz2.co.za

Website: www.zz2.co.za