Townsend International

Townsend International

Western Cape

Townsend International is the exclusive local distributor of leading food waste composters that transform food waste to compost in 24 hours. Food waste volumes are rapidly reduced by 80-90% on-site through the action of proprietary microbes and heat that mimic and accelerate the natural composting process.

The resulting nutrient rich compost is a valuable soil conditioner that can be used locally or redistributed to urban food growers to establish a regenerative and closed loop system that directs food waste back into food production.

Our range of composters offer a hygienic, odourless and pest-free solution that is simple to operate and easily integrated with existing food production systems. Capacities from 5kg per day to more than 1350kg food waste per day and even utility scale solutions are available.

The composters are EU machine safety certified and EU compliant for the processing and hygienisation of food waste.


Hugh-John Townsend

Tel: 082 600 6876