Drum Express Garden Refuse Removal

Drum Express Garden Refuse Removal


Getting rid of garden refuse can be quite a headache.  At Drum Express, we take the stress out of this situation by offering you straightforward ad hassle-free, weekly garden refuse removal services in Durban and surroundings including PMB.

We deliver one or more large 210lt drums to your home (the contents of 5-6 black bags fit into one drum). The drum(s) can be placed inside or outside your property.  You fill the drum(s) with your garden refuse , no need for plastic bags.  We empty the drum(s) once EVERY WEEK.  We also offer the following value-added services:

  • Tree Felling, Cut backs, site clearing, Stump grinding
  • Once off bulk garden refuse removal (Saturday’s)

Contact Details:

Diane Byerley

Tel: (031) 309 5404

Cell: (083) 787 4506

Email: diane@drumexpress.co.za

Website: www.drumexpress.co.za